Friday, January 22, 2010

Ring Finger Rejuvenating

Nothing to do with fly-fishing but a personal matter. Last October, my left ring finger was smashed very badly during the job. It was a combination of an uncoorperative cow and facility.

It was so touchy and miserable for a few days. My co-workers and people at the dairy farm asked me if it got broken (I knew it was not) and suggested me lots of things such as to apply some ointment, drain blood, etc. Then they even laughed at my finger because it looked like a typical cartoon-like bump!! It was not funny at all!!

My finger was healing well, almost all no pain as days went by. A month later, it still looked like this. It was the last day of my fall trip at Depuy's. I was afraid that the blood clot would not be gone.

Well, the healing process seems slow. As of today, it has finally become like this. Within a week or two, I must be cutting the last appearance of blood clot.

I was so happy that I was wearing a ring?

It's a "reversed" egg fly with a golden chenille ring!! Notice my effort that I even tied in the embryo.........

I couldn't help but posting these to show how happy I am. When I was a kid, this kind of process seemed took only a few weeks after, say, hitting my fingers with a hammer instead of nails.

Whatsoever, this mild winter here in eastern WA seems to keep me going without getting bored. My recent fishing report will be posted soon.

If anybody wants to see more creative(?) and artistic(?) flies of mine, let me know. I have a couple of pictures already and I am always thinking about to make more.


  1. pour on the fishing pics fly pics ill check em out, probly say something I shouldnt but take it with a grain of salt, I like your creativity and Im sorry to hear about your finger glad its healing

  2. Thank you for the kind comment. I think the lucky thing in the disaster was I didn't get smashed on the joint.
    I'll post some of my joke flies, which sounds good for the winter. But somehow, I am busy for looking for and purchasing gears and even getting out some fishing (we have a mild winter here). I am also working on some of my own soft-hackle designs. Then I alwasy have ideas and imagination for tying some joke flies.I hope I'll have time for all till the season starts.