Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 5: Yellowstone River - Lots of Wading

April 11th, as 10th, I really left my schedule and plans blank. No guide trips or private spring creeks. I had thought I might have to do what tourists have to do such as laundry, grocery shopping, etc besides fishing or I might be driving around area without fishing. But then again, there are too many places to visit and pre-runoff time offered me plenty of wading opportunities, even along the banks of Yellowstone River. So far I have visited Livingston in June 2008 and late April 2009. In both times, Yellowstone was at a height of runoff with chocolate color. Along with less fishing pressure at this time of the year, I wanted to see what I can do and to learn more accesses and characters. That way, I don't have to hire guides all the time????

I started in the middle of town, called "9th Street Bridge". I found a big backeddy right beneath the bridge. I fished both eddy and main current with this Heifer Groomer in white. I thought it was a typical quiet day-in time so I went large, bright, and not so deep. I moved one fish.
As I fished the main current downstream, it seemed less characteristic. Instead a little braid behind me (just below the walking trails for walkers, runners, and dog-walkers along with benches) somehow interested me. There was enough depth to hold some trout and I just thought there might be some trout cruising around at this time of the year when water temp is cool and level is stable. With the way I fish with streamers, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to cover till it merges back to the main current.

Within a few minutes with a handful of casts, I had experienced the best "dry fly action" ever on my streamer. This 18-incher really came to the surface with the gulp to take my Heifer Groomer. His upper jaw and eyes were way above the surface.


This was the only one catch of the day but I really came to like Yellowstone as I like Madison. I moved around several more accesses just around Livingston. In the afternoon, I tried just a bit south of town, called "Livingston Ditch". It was very difficult to cross the channel to the island so I had to stay in the road side. I moved only one fish.

I found and learned that there were lots of accesses to step in to wade-fish at this time of the year or probably in the fall along Yellowstone. And there must be lots of aggressive trout all over as the whole river is still wild. I will fish Yellowstone with or without guides looking for some big ones.

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