Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 2: River Told Me What to Do

Aug 18th, Day 2.
Before that, I have to report the night before.
9:00pm, I went to sleep.
10:30pm, I woke up with sweat!! It was really hot in my truck cab!!
Last week and four weeks ago, I camped at the same spot that was about several more miles to the top of mountains. And both nights were freezing. It was not exactly several miles up vertically............, you know. Also I cursed some because the day was supposed to be cool down. Instead it ended up 95F in the mountain and 99F when I got back to my house......OMG

A bit of tired and uncomfortable morning to get started but I didn't compromise my toasts along with my cowboy coffee and eggs & hams.

Then another ascending problem happened!! The day before was with my feet and walks but this morning, I experienced a hard time to drive up to the road from the campground. My little GM Sonoma (GM = Gallatin-Madison) barely made it........ I'll be careful next time where to drive in and back.

Then I stepped into my secret holes, packing a gourmet lunch in my backpack.

Since I had been puzzled last week, I was wondering which fly to trail behind Royal Wulff Cripple (no more picture here). I was wondering, whether midges or tiny mayflies, Sparkle Duns have been always great.

Indeed trout preferred Sparkle Dun to Royal Wulff Cripple = 2 : 1.

I caught one Westslope Cutty with a Royal Wulff Cripple. And that turned out to be the last Cutty in this lovely little mountain stream for this summer.

Isn't this really a gourmet lunch? From the top to bottom, Pringles, wheat bread, salad (with folk), ranch dressing (dip), turkey breast ham with cheese, and roast beef.

As I headed back to my truck, I broke my record of my catch from the smallest. This was about 2-inch long, yet it still bit on my fly. Can anyone do this??

Also, as I was heading down, I did my little trick; tying on a size 10 Woolly Bugger in black. Just about to quit for the season, I got hooked into one. I bet it was a rainbow, ranging 13-14-incher. It really fought for the best I ever experienced. At the last moment, as I was ready to land and to take a pic or two, it spat out my fly and was gone..................

It surely had been cool if I had landed and taken a pictures or two.

I actually smiled as my potential best had been gone. Of course, I must have screamed more if I had landed it. But this summer, I felt that "river" and "fishing god" were giving me some fits on purpose.

Along with the 2-, 3-, 4-inchers that love to rise on my dry-flies, I think my secret holes' future is bright!!! Get rested for the season and I will see you boys and girls next summer.

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