Monday, November 15, 2010

Buff Thought

As I was buying a present for my brother, I got one for me. To make it a surprise for my bro, I don't show the present, but I'd like to post this!!

I went to a trading-post kind shop only several miles south from Livingston. The owner and his shop are really cool!! The shop is filled with lots of cool and artistic stuffs which capture my eyes and interests. He showed me wildlife feet that were freeze-drying outside. And he showed me one which used to belong to a buffalo. I had an urge to get it!!

I got it and now am hanging on my wall. Spending with lots of cows, this is one of the ugliest hooves I've ever seen. But uglier, the better. I love and hate buffaloes. First I love their meat and as a Western icon. Then I hate them because they cause jams in Yellowstone Park and they scare me while I'm fishing. These are why I consume buff meat at least once a year to be immune to them. Now I've got one of their feet!! I may even be able to use it as a club to whack them!!

Coincidentally, the back page of the recent issue of my favorite fly-fishing magazine is the picture of buffs from the Park............

Is it gross to hang a buff hoof on the wall? So far it doesn't lure any house-flies. Instead, it makes me know that I have to toughen up in Montana!! Oh, I love and hate buffs.........

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