Monday, November 1, 2010

Class 1: Streamer

So I decided to fish very hard. No more "too many minds", just fish my butt off and have fun. Also to see how it works to go home to Livingston. Is it a long way after fishing? Will I be tired?
My strategy and planning were so intense that I will post them one by one. I compounded all of my fall experience in one day. Almost all like a day of fly-fishing school!! (if such thing exists....)

I woke up and dressed up in a great shape. It seemed raining lightly all night. My tactics for the first thing in the morning was to take advantage and chances to fish streamers. Any spots in Madison can be great as long as I'm the first customer there but with this overcast weather, I decided to take a chance at Barns Pool #1 and Cable Car Run (7:30 to 8:30am).
I covered both spots fairly well and changed colors of streamers aggressively but I even didn't have a tap or two. This was discouraging. Oftentimes even whitefish would try to bite streamers here.

I moved to Upper Haynes (8:50 to 11:30am). Black and white didn't have any actions so far so I switched to Sculpzilla in olive/tan.

Finally I fixed the "skunk" of the day before and I was in the right track. Just a 14-inch brown to get myself started.

Shortly after 15-incher took it. The take was unique. He was resting at my rod length plus several feet downstream from me and inhaled the whole fly as I was about to pick up my fly to re-cast.
I kept going downstream where most of anglers don't fish but I found this section interesting during my June trip. It was slow till next fish though the water looks very fishy and promising. I did color sequence again. As I switched into black. I chose my T&A Black.

I felt a bigger tug than last two trout. It was a 16-incher!! Hey it's getting bigger one by one literally!! But sorry he snagged himself to his eye. It was just between eyeball and cheek and he was not bleeding badly so I hope he would be OK.
Several minutes later, another bigger tug!! I felt this one would be called "run-up" trout, 18-inch class. It was actually 17-inch. But I believe this would be one of the fall-runner, fat and well-colored. Then again, it was on my own fly.

I had to feel the trout and took a picture. John Juracek at Blue Ribbon Flies just wrote a report/essay at their blog; "at this point of the season you will never know which trout will be your last...." I felt the same.

I actually did some nymphing upstream on the way back to my truck.

(11:30am to 12:30pm) Just as scheduled, I went to the town to buy materials quickly. I ate lunch while driving back to the Park and got ready for next class at by 12:30pm. I had three more classes to go!!

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