Monday, November 1, 2010

Class 2: Baetis Hatch

I actually came back to Upper Haynes where I had experienced both big excitement and huge frustration by baetis hatch and rising trout. This photo is from last year at Firehole. Also see my old post about baetis hatch during the fall trip last year.

But two anglers were still there. I thought they would be gone lunch, as I had left for my lunch. Well, I could think of another spot to conduct my class for baetis hatch (1:00 to 3:00pm). That's the most predictable time frame for baetis hatch especially on overcast days. I went to section below Big Bend. I fished here for White Miller Caddis and PMD hatches during the June trip this year. It's another meadow water section = great and tough dry-fly fishing.
But it wasn't as exciting as last year. First I didn't see many big rising fish = tail to shoulder rise. Just splashy rises caused by little trout. Furthermore, I saw midges were on the water too.

I typically rig up two flies so I tried lots of combination among baetis patterns plus midge patterns. I couldn't figure out quite well. In the middle of the river, I accidentally hooked this rainbow. Not big but nice.

Then this is the smallest trout I ever caught in Madison. It did bite on size 22 Improved Sparkle Dun!! I didn't see the take. He came up as I re-cast. Has anybody done this in Madison??

Well, my baetis experience turned out to be more like a joke this year. Madison below Quake Lake has been somehow murky, which is weird for this time of the year, so there wasn't much baetis fishing to be done for now.

I had two more classes to go!!

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