Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greek - Roman Equivalent? Actually English - Japanese Bros

I was reading The Lost Hero. It's another great read after Percy Jackson seriese.
Percy Jackson and his friends are demigods whose parents are Greek gods and human.
New characters in The Lost Hero are demigod kids whose parents are "Roman Equivalent" and human. I don't lecture mythology but here's a couple of examples.

Zeus = Jupiter
Poseidon = Neptune
Aphrodite = Venus

This gave me an idea to make an equivalent of my blog in Japanese!!

I have just started an extension of my blog in Japanese.

Japanese Edition brother. I really wanted to show Japanese people what about fly-fishing in Montana or American West in a big picture.

This is especially because I really try to host Japanese flyfishers to Montana as a fishing guide and a tour guide in general. I soon will be one & only lonely Japanese fishing guide in Montana as I have been one & only lonely Japanese cowboy & cattle breeder all through US!!

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