Monday, June 27, 2011

CELEBRATION!! 200th Post & Volunteer Guide Action

This post makes 200th since I started. To me this blog has been in a "talking-to-myself-&-reading-my-fishing-log-in-public" style. I thank all of you who dropped by.
Then coincidentally the memorial post is about the very meaningful event. My outfitter Stuart ( gathered a crew of guides to assist children with disability enjoy outdoors and catch trout. Program is run by an organization in Bozeman where Stuart's wife Leslie belongs. We went to a private pond in Livingston. It's quite an opportunity for a rookie guide. Atmosphere was easy to fit in and I could observe what other experienced guides did. Here, kid with Stuart hooked and landed the first trout among us.

Then me in action too!! I was assisting a boy to reel in and a girl to net it.

It was a nice little browny. BTW, little means 20-incher in this pond!!

Trout here, rainbow seemed dominant, are HUMONGOUS!!

And like this.......

Everyone (children and guides) experienced hooking, breaking, reeling, and netting. This was probably the biggest of all (I couldn't get there quick enough before releasing.....)

We fished only about three hours and we all had fun. Then, I myself had my own personal accomplishment. The new bugger patterns I had recently tied became instant killers!! I'm a guide as well as a fly innovator so I had to test my patterns!! There will be more about my new ties. Further tests will be on the way.

It was very meaningful to me. I never thought my fly-fishing would do something other than catching trout. I could assist children with pure hearts to enjoy outdoors and fly-fishing.
I thank Stuart and Leslie for this opportunity. Then nice to fish with experienced guides.

Good luck to all the children and hope more trout will be on your way!!

I'll be there if I can be any help.


  1. What a fun time and great cause. Those trout look like huge footballs. Good lookin bugs too. Tight Lines

  2. Those trout were unbelievable!! They just grow so large. BTW, it's not secret or anything but the pond is privately owned, not for public. We were allowed to fish there.
    I'll talk more about new patterns later. Right now I'm busy assembling flies for guiding.