Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day Trip: 1 - Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, & Rodeo

My breeding job in South Dakota is about to end and I head back to Montana by next weekend.
My employer gave me a day off so I can look around. After all I'm a visitor to South Dakota. From my employer's house (I'm staying at the loft of his shop), Mt. Rushmore is an easy drive so I've wanted to visit before I leave. It was a little cloudy with some light shower but it didn't matter for this magnificent sculpture!!

Then my next target was Crazy Horse monument with only several minutes of driving from Mt. R. I was asked to take pictures by a group and instead they took a photo for me. I'm sun-tanned from my job but also I know I look round......caused by recent inconsistent life and rough eating. I'll soon shrink once I get back to Montana.

This is the minuture of how it will look like in the future.

And precise measurements.

It also happened to be a rodeo weekend within the monument property. It was a PRCA rodeo and my favorite saddle bronco ride was awesome!! I sneaked by the fence and was able to take some nice up-close pictures!!

I ended up watching till the end and it ended up the saddle bronco ride was the most enjoyable and in the highest level among other events.

So............I collected more shot glasses........

I was very happy that I could see two of the most magnificent monuments of America in a day. However, there was more to explore on the way be continued.


  1. Sounds like a sweet way to spend a day to me. I dig the mini camping coffee mug shot glass. Safe journeys back to Montana. Tight Lines.


  2. Yes, it was quite a nice day trip. Missing Montana, but it sounds like river levels are way too high to fish??