Thursday, June 23, 2011

End of the Road

I just got back to my home in Livingston from the breeding road. It's been since May 7th that I step in. Gusts of Livingston make me feel I'm at home.
Thank all the Montana and South Dakota crews for working with me and sharing fun, rain, mud, and everything during the job. Then I thank ranchers and cowboys for being our customers, working with us, and offering great foods and accommodations. I even made friendship with good dogs at most of anywhere I visited.

I was cursing wet weather in South Dakota and it feels like half of my stay was with rain and mud. But I heard Montana also had a depressing wet weather. Yellowstone River is intimidatingly high on the way back..........

I feel content now that I went through the task. Days were long oftentimes. Between ranches, long drivings and lodges were needed. Since the first motel I was put in, I decided to save the key-card to see how many I would collect and how many cities I would be visiting. These are all I've got for key-card but also I spent at my employer's place and a couple of ranch houses.

Last weekend, as I was finishing my schedule in South Dakota, I went to the local bar at night just get relaxed. On the way, I hit a deer........ It was a true accident. I wasn't speeding or not to mention DUI but she was there when I saw her. But I consider I was super lucky that only the softest part of the bumper was damaged. Could have been much more worse.

Then this would probably be the funniest scene of the trip. In the middle of a dirt road on a sunny day in Wyoming, I saw a turtle. It just seemed totally out of place but then the mismatch really captured my eyes and interests. I also learned that Native Americans celebrate turtles for something good. So I believe this must be a lucky encounter. Even a fortune!!??

I'd like give myself some credits that I made through the road. It was really a mixed time of hard work, craziness, fun, slow time, etc........

Well, now I'm ready for fishing and guiding!!

Then again, I'd like to say one more time "THANKS" & "SEE YOU" to everybody I met.
See you all next year!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the truck and the deer. Glad to hear you made it back safe and now will be able to head out fishing. good luck and tight lines.

  2. Said above, it was lucky for my truck. I don't know what happened to the deer. Yes sir, now I'm ready to go fishing! But Yellowstone River is way high!