Saturday, August 20, 2011

19 Miles to Go

On a nice sunny day with only light breeze here in Paradise Valley, floating Yellowstone is the best summer activity. Fishing with a good friend made the day much more fun!! Link hopped on my boat and we floated from Carbella to Gray Owl = about 19 river miles!! Link kept catching lots of trout on his special dry-fly!!

Look at this!! Nice buck Yellowstone Cutty!! I was honored to net this beauty.

We landed a couple of good rainbows too.

There were two tricky currents/braids to maneuver but not bad at all. In the afternoon, we faced winds from downstream that slowed us down some. Link says he moved some large trout below Emigrant, where I caught the giant the other day, but we didn't get into hooking. We missed browns......(not whitefish = 0 of them!!). We pulled in at Gray Owl at 7:30pm, taking longer than I thought. This float is essentially two long sections = guides do either one of two for a day trip = but I condensed two runs in one day. Sored but doable and lots of fun!!


  1. Dude, my arm hurts! It was great. Thanks for all the rowing. See you soon.

  2. Buddy,
    Glad you survived. Next we'll do from Emigrant to Pine Creek when we have all day again. We should get out to the Park or for short floats soon. I'm not super sored as I consumed a can of PBR and leftover fried chickens last night, which nourished my body......