Monday, August 29, 2011

Guide x 2 = Hopper + Streamer

Today I went out fishing with my guide friend in Livingston, Graham, to Yellowstone River. We went to the section down from town. 'Stone below town is wild & untamed. We saw only a handful of boats besides us. I was fishing first. I thought "everyone is casting hoppers so I go with streamers!". I just snagged bottoms and gave Graham extra works to recover my flies. Graham's turn and he fished very well with hoppers!! We were quite surprised and amazed that there are healthy population of Yellowstone Cutty in this lower river.

Next turn of my fishing, I saw two big fish came to my hopper. From this month experience with Cutthroat and Cutbows, I did hold my breath and hook-set a moment but I couldn't really get into hook-ups at all.

Graham did great again while I was at oars. He hooked and lost nice browns for a few times. Toward the end, I fished again. First with streamer again, and I got snagged again. So I fished with hopper for a moment. Then Mother Nature gave me a new opportunity. As seen in the picture above, it was a nice bright sunny afternoon. But just like the other day, suddenly winds picked up and dark clouds covered the sky. Thunder started to roll somewhere and rain would drop any moment. We stopped maybe 5 minutes or so till winds calmed down. I felt the urge that I had to try streamers again. With this cloudy condition, I figured trout might not look up for hoppers any more instead would be less shy for streamers. Furthermore, I chose lighter colors. I tied on Sex Dungeon in olive,

trailed with Woolly Sculpin in a mixed color.

"I told you so!!" A bit skinny but a nice rainbow smacked on my streamer!! I fixed my own skunk!!

It literally inhaled the Woolly!!

Just before take out, I thought I snagged the bottom again but it was a huge brown trout!! But it wasn't hooked quite well and gone...... We did see its silhouette. It could have been another monster for me. Would have been nice if landed.......but I smile and let it go because all I have to do is simply get back and fish again!!


  1. Man the smile on your face is only one that comes when avoiding the ole "skunk". Nicely done figure out what the fish were thinking. Great looking flies too. Great post and adventure with your friend. Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines.

  2. Yes sir, I could avoid the skunk by my own idea. Tomorrow we head out again. Let's see what's gonna happen.Tight Lines to you too.