Friday, November 11, 2011

Spring Creeks with Japan's Master Angler

Koichi Kawai (, who's been the original Japanese guide in Livingston and working for Dean, is visiting town now. We've been fishing spring creeks (a day off today). Click on his blog for more pictures in great quality (I'm featured too!). This post is about our visit to Nelson's with pictures from my camera........
First thing in the morning, trout were so aggressive!! We did "sight-streamer" in gin-clear spring water! Here Koichi is working on a nice cutbow!

I got a lucky one too!

All the fish were this much aggressive!!??

We encountered sporadic baetis hatch and rising trout. With continuous wind from south, casting and presentation were tricky and fish were rising in a tight spot. But Koichi managed all and hooked a rise that he singled out (though it was whitefish......). He caught some more while I hooked and lost two.

Toward end of the day, streamer time again. Trout were aggressive again. I broke my record at Nelson's!!
(Thank you Koichi-san for taking great pictures!)
Back in DePuy yesterday, it was a tough day with stiff winds. We didn't see much insect hatches and rising trout........ We noticed some brown trout were making redds at certain sections of the creek. We left them alone. But there were some shadows following behind those redds area. I couldn't resist especially day was slow. I did the new & advanced technique "sight-egg" and caught a nice rainbow with a single bow-&-arrow cast.......... I caught a rainbow sucking brown's eggs, not browns actually spawning, so I think it's legal & ethical enough and don't blame me!!
Here in Livingston, wind is not cooperating this month. Hopefully we can get out again this weekend.

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