Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tough & Barely but also Silver Lining........

I've been super fortunate about weathers on my days-off to go fishing but today wasn't so pretty. It was typical Livingston Weather; sunny & dry with stiff winds from SW. Wind-chill made the day and fishing tough & short. This chart that I'm borrowing from somewhere online seems very accurate. What I experienced was about 35F & 45MPH. I could stand still and my fingers didn't get rotten off either.....

Apparently I visited DePuy's ( Over all, conclusion first, it's still in the middle of transition  or crossover. Indicator fishing with egg and scud didn't bring me any bites. Also due to waves caused by high winds, I missed some currents and water reading and just spooked couple of huge trout by my wading. Hmmmmm.......I had to do & think something different. Might as well, how about a little streamer, just for another experiment, and who knows?

It was a slight color variation of Doug's Home Invader.

It wasn't a super huge rainbow but surely colored well & strong.

I moved around and caught a so-so brown at another favorite section and that was all for today at 4pm.

Lessons learned & Observation for today. I believe rainbow are getting aggressive, ready to spawn, and coming into DePuy from Yellowstone River. Two reasons: One; rainbows are taking spots where browns were 2 months ago. Two; last weeks one & only bite of massive rainbow and today's bite on H.I. tell me that they are there and getting aggressive gradually but numbers are still low.

I did observe and look for hatching midges and rising trout. But nothing was going on at most likely sections. I thought I would have to face "SKUNK" in a while but it could have been a part of observation then. Luckily I could enjoy a few trout under the circumstance.

I will keep track of all every week!! That's my mission for myself and for all of you readers till spring.


  1. Nice trout pictures! Interesting conclusions about the Rainbow Trout going to spawn.

    Have fun fly fishing,

  2. Thank you for stopping by. It's just my observation. Spawning season is just around the corner so I'll keep track of it once (or twice) a week (I hope).