Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'll Show You My Junk

CAUTION: Today's post contains hazardous materials for those who claim to be "dry-fly enthusiasts" or "minimalist" (whatever defined in magazines.....). I can be one of those when time is right but also, I have a different side.

It's just about time to get ready about anything for up-coming season 2012. Besides tying flies to sell and to fill my own boxes, I got to the point that I had to do something with my streamers, a.k.a. JUNKS. Those recently popular articulated streamers are hard to store and keep track of inventory in conventional boxes. Besides streamers, I'm getting more flies in each category. I had to do something for my whole inventory of my boat bag. I found a solution. I might as well move those JUNKS to somewhere and create more room for other boxes. This is it!! (Click for detail.)

Are you ready to see inside??

I felt MUCH MUCH better when I finished organizing!! With this, I can see what I have and what I need to fill at a glance. Most of shown here are articulated ones or single-hook with long-bodies. So the smaller ones  (2 to 3-inch long) are kept in other boxes and fit in my boat bag!! BTW, as you can see, for each pattern, I usually tie in White, Black, Tan, Olive, & Yellow.
Right off the bat, I learned a new pattern and I had to tie it. This is Wiese's Love Bunny, created by Walter Wiese at Parks Flyshop in Gardiner, MT. This is a 5-inch long Jerky with tremendous movement!!
As said above, I tie one pattern in different colors. Here's olive,


and chinchilla/white.

I love them all! These are for sale at my sales catalogue.

I don't think it's only these streamers but flies in all categories are progressing every minute. So I'd like to be open-minded for new patterns. Even though I may not tie that fly, some particular techniques and materials can be useful in my near future, you know.........

Well, now I need one more BEAST then!!


  1. Hello, very good Site and very good flies.
    Greetings from Spain

    1. Hola, David,
      It's good to see what fly-fishing is like in your country. I'd like to see fish (other than trout?), flies (I saw your sale flies), and rivers & scenery. Keep it up & I'll follow.