Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of March

March has ended but NO Baetis has been popped..........

Yesterday, 30th, I noticed lots of bugs on my wader. These baetis nymphs were wiggling on my wader and finger!! Yesterday it was another 40MPH day but I went home with some expectation and excitement and got ready for today.

Today, compared to yesterday, it was just a breeze. Furthermore, it was cloudy & overcast!! Sun was off and on. Perfect BWO-ish day, I thought!! Of course same nymphs were crawling on my wader too. However, no duns popped in the air, hence no rising trout either. Weird...............

I saw cranes (I think......) that I seldom see at the creek.

I caught a couple of large trout with streamers at my usual spot to salvage the day but that was not what I wanted. I need to see BWO hatches to test my new flies!!!!

Well, I found this along the creek. Most of fly-fisher will recognize this item. It's been sitting there for a couple weeks. I wonder what happened to the angler. Didn't he notice that he had lost his sole? He should have felt shorter on his right leg, you know?? Or simply didn't care and intended to lose so he can buy a new pair? Anyway it's not a good product review..........

Since it was slow, I picked this up and tossed in Eva's Hut in case someone comes back to pick it up.

I am seeing some inconsistency and totally unexpected conditions recently. I know it's part of fishing. There are several "suspects" to blame on but let's hope things get improved in April with or without April Fool!!


  1. The findings of nymphs is a good sign that the baetis will show up at last. Even if later than usual at your stream.
    Have fun chasing baetis duns,

  2. Thanks man.......
    Yesterday I already cried enough and was about to commit suicide for the disappointment..........(just kidding!!)
    Have you tried the bee pattern I emailed you?