Saturday, March 3, 2012

Terrestrials for 2012

Lots of tying is still going on at my bench. This winter keeps me really busy to tie for sale and for my own inventory. I added new terrestrial patterns in my boxes and they came up fairly well to ad in public.
When we talk about summer terrestrial, we all think about big hoppers, even the bigger, the better. That can be true, but, as a guide, I suggest we need to carry any other minor/overlooked terrestrial patters along with hoppers.

Several patterns by the tying legend Scott Sanchez have been ticking my tying appetite and skills. I just got enough time to give some trials. And they all came out just right.

Mega Bee,
 Lady Bug,
 Lady Bug in pink,
 and a Cicada imitation. But also this can represent large crickets and beetles any time.


Well we still need hopper patterns.I have just been introduced these little bugs from Parks Fly Shop in Gardier, MT. Are you ready for Hopper infestation 2012???

Here's pink,




and yellow.

All of these are ready for sale in my sales catalogue (
Let me know if I can be further assistants for you!


  1. Hi Satoshi!

    Wow! Your terrestrial flies are just awesome! I mostly enjoy the imitation of a bee (or a wasp) since I have had good success in tricking big trout with the wasp pattern i use. This inspires me to maybe change or at least try another pattern imitating a wasp. I hooked the largest trout I've had on in my nearby river, Ljusnan, with the wasp pattern i have. I played that trout for like an hour and a half (90 minutes) and I was dreadfully tired and made the mistake to believe that the trout also was tired. Since I had a 0.18 mm tippet on I had to be a little cautious. Finally I put a little more pressure on him and what happens? He dives under the main current and my fly line is swept away down the stream and the tippet breaks. I felt devastated. But that was it what could I do but head for home and to try to cure my emotional wounds. I wish I had the whole fight on tape but I don't. The memory is still very vivid though.

    Have fun tying more awesome terrestrials,
    Mats Olsson

    1. Hi Mats,
      Thanks for sharing a great story with bees & trout. I have encountered a swarm of bees along the small mountain stream. I really felt "buzz" in the air and from the water. Trout were super anxious to bite on them but they couldn't jump that high instead they attacked my bee pattern!! It was surreal and it happened on my birthday 2009.
      Let me see what flies I come up with next.

  2. I really enjoyed your article. More power to you!

    1. Thanks, PPC. To keep this blog going, I gotta go fishing right after I type this.