Sunday, April 8, 2012

2 Day Report

Friday 6th, we had the last bite of winter like this.........

Weather is still toying us. Lots of "supposed to be" but no consistency or accuracy. Anyway I head to DePuy's on Saturday. First in the morning, I observed a group of trout in "sight-nymphing", if not "dapping", distance!! Very first cast with my own L.L. Beads,

Nice bow! I had to be happy!!

Everyone who has been fishing the creek for a long time agree that it's strange that we are not seeing Spring Baetis hatch. Barely a few to none. Winds didn't cooperate as always so I did soft-hackle swings. Little one did take a baetis soft-hackle!
In fact, after this I might as well have thrown some dry-flies. And then these little ones did come up to take!! I didn't have good hookups hence no pictures. But it was a positive sign.

Today, Easter Sunday, it started like this. I was doing some experiments!!
 And like that!!

Folks, take a look!! This is a split-wing case nymph!! Again crawling on my wader!! C'mon hatch & fly!! BTW, we experienced very cold winds from E or NE, which is very rare. And it caused waves that made the creek look like flowing backward........

However, very exciting end was waiting for me. Believe or not a small number of caddis were in the air and on the water at the end of the day. I observed a few trout were rising. Just for kicks, I tried my "barndnew idea & currently on tests" soft-hackle.

 Nice rainbow came to the surface and took it confidently!!!

What a surprise!!

I was happy enough to go home. But I need to do the same for new baetis patterns!! That's why I need hatch & rise!! 6 more days of Winter Pass!!

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