Sunday, April 15, 2012

What A Guide Can Do

Yesterday, I joined this volunteer event.

I offered a boat rider so other people can hop in, float the river, and pick up trashes. I heard there were 27 boats offered this year from outfitters and guides from Livingston and Bozeman.

Weather turned out to be another beautiful day here in Paradise Valley!! Best day to float the Mighty 'Stone!! But we looked for "trashes", not "bugs" and "rises"!! This one almost all sank my boat........just kidding, this century old gas tank was beyond human muscle and should belong to the land/ranch.

We actually didn't pick up many trashes, which is a good thing. River users may be aware of conservation.

However, with all the effort from over 100 people combined, we picked up a lot!!

I am really feeling that I did something good and meaningful for river and society. Yesterday 14th was actually the very last day of DePuy's Winter Pass. But I sacrificed my fishing for this volunteer. Fishing must have been good and enjoyable at DePuy's but I'm still happy and proud of my decision. Last year this time, I was applying for the guide license for the first time and wasn't really sure what to do; degree & amount of involvement. (But also I recall and other people remember that it was snowy & cold on this event last year.....) Now I know I belong to here in Livingston as a fisherman, a guide, and as a resident. Especially as a guide who utilizes this great river of ours, I paid my due and show my respect to The River God. So I pray  that it will be a great fishing and busy guiding season for me along Yellowstone River!!

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