Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Caddis Report - 3 (Still There!! Along with Baetis!!)

Cool weather continues. Yellowstone River is literally shrinking. I was expecting a bit warmer afternoon for caddis hatch but anyway it was calm and comfortable enough to get outside so I hit the 'Stone in the late afternoon. Now it's easy again to read and determine currents. First thing I observed was that Spring Baetis was hatching in great numbers!! I'd say for me this is the best baetis hatch for this spring!!

So was Caddis!! Lots of them, definitely more than a couple of recent outings. Then of course trout rose in great numbers!!! First one I hooked was really huge!! and broke X-Caddis. So I tied on this "Mother's Day Iris" (originated from Parks' Fly Shop).

I didn't miss it this time! Nice & hard-fighting rainbow! Any fish can be the last one before runoff!! Happy!!

I left my special baetis boxes in my house. However, I always kept a few general attractors with me. Micro Wulff Cripple did a great job!

Fish rising on baetis seemed smaller ones. But I hooked & lost a couple of large ones too.

Believe or not, I caught a Cutty with a Tag again!! I did net it but it slipped away while I was getting ready for pictures........It could have been the same one! Either way the last one bore with me for a couple of pics. Thanks for that.
It seems this weather continues till middle of next week = fishable & floatable. Then it would finally be a true runoff. I will keep updating as much as I can!

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