Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Caddis Report - 5 (Still Good)

It was another great pre-runoff fishing today. But first weather was typical  of "if you don't like Montana weather, wait 5 minutes". We had mix of everything. Considering yesterday's nice weather, it was even cold along with some hales.

OK, we saw great number of hatches today. There were Baetis, Caddis, and March Brown in that order. Today I wanted to try this relatively new tie for me; Butch Caddis. I omitted rubber legs on sides as Kelly says in the video, rubber legs are for commercial purpose and without them this fly works just fine. And SUPER BUOYANT like cork!!, suspends a dropper nymph, and catches fish!!

A bit skinny but nice rainbow with big mouth! It sucked my fly above! He will gain more weight as season goes by.

If weather forecast is right, my personal guess for the last day floatbale is next Tuesday. I would imagine water would rise and lose clarity as Tuesday goes by. See what's gonna happen tomorrow.


  1. Great looking fly :) Beauty bow. Just like Wisconsin, just wait a few minutes and anything is possible. Was 85 degrees here than 6o's the next day. Thanks for sharing. Tight LInes.

    1. It was cold again today. Expecting warmer weather, here comes runoff......