Thursday, June 14, 2012

YNP First Grip-&-Grin 2012

It was a nice and calm day. Yet it was cool in Yellowstone National Park. I decided to fish a different section of Gibbon River.
On my way, I first encountered a "Buff Jam".......

Then passed along muddy boiling spring/geyser. One can't be too cautious when passing these structures as there can be unpredictable and underestimated holes/bogs.

Now fishing. It was very slow till I hit here..........Guess where.

I started with small streamers. I got some chases and nibbles but no hook-ups. Then I tied on nymphs. This is "Minch Stone" from Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT (click CUSTOM FLIES). I tied with a curved nymph hook (as I have plenty of them) but also in small. Why? Though this is meant for Stonefly Nymphs, I figured this should imitate large mayfly nymphs and dragonfly nymphs (that I observed last time!!) when tied smaller.

After all nothingness, suddenly I felt a huge tug!! Then I realized "I forgot my net in my truck!!" He was strong but cooperative and I could drag him to the shallow. GOTCHA!!

Quite a surprise and worth for "Grip n' Grin" for the first time in YNP this year!

With my restored camera, I tried some underwater pics.

Caddis started to hatch in the afternoon. They were size 14, 16, or 18.

In this kinda color.....

Most of standard patterns worked. Regardless of sizes, Gibbon trout were very fresh and strong!!

Nice colored rainbow.......

With this great success at Gibbon, now I'm heading to Firehole and Madison Rivers this weekend.

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