Thursday, July 26, 2012

F150 Milestone

Yesterday, just before all of those fishing in my last post, my 8-yr-long companion/house/vehicle F150 (2001), aka "BIG FELLA" reached its milestone, 250,000 miles. I doubled the mileage since I retained it in 2004.

I was anticipating this event and filmed it. It had to be while driving........ It happened to be somewhere in Yellowstone National Park. As I'm saying "I shouldn't do this, but........."

"If you take care of you car, it will take care of you" (Lieutenant Columbo)
Indeed, Big Fella & I went through a lot. I'm sure HE will keep me safe & steady on the road till he reaches 300,000 miles. Which means, I will visit and fish more rivers and trout!!

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