Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home of Native 2012

Yesterday was really a day-off from everything in almost 3 weeks. Today, it was a typical "busman's holiday". I wasn't guiding = so fishing myself. I wanted to visit and see how my favorite section of Yellowstone River (within Yellowstone National Park) looks like and fishes like this year.
Up somewhere along the canyon walls, I was expecting there would still be Salmonflies and Goldenstones. My GO-TO fly was of course Parks Salmonfly from Parks' Fly Shop. (note: this is my own tie. I substituted orange yarn to Variegated Chenille as simply I didn't have the yarn).

I saw a beautiful rise form which was almost vertical to river bottom or to water surface. As always, slow & deliberate. Nice & big Cutty came to my hands. But what amazed me was this trout must have been attacked by a predatory bird like osprey or eagle. Look at this three wounds of talons!!

To justify my observation is right, the other side has only one big scar!!

Along the way, I found lots of outer-shells of stoneflies in different sizes.......

I switched around flies and today's hot patterns were these two. And these two WILL remain among some of the best for the rest of the season.
Black Chubby Chernobyl.

Head Guide Walter's Pink GFA (look for it under CUSTOM FLIES at Park's Fly Shop).

I don't know what PINK means & looks like for trout (especially Cutty), but they kept rising and munching on it!!

My under-water photography seems improved every time??

I love this reflection on the surface!!

When fishing BIG River, BIG sandwiches is needed!!

Here we go. Hoppers have just appeared along banks and weeds!!

I moved to nearby creek.

I wasn't looking for size but just some fun.

Brookie too!!

At the end of the day, I treated myself with a cup of ice-cream. Unlike my fly-fishing & -tying diversity, my choice of ice-cream is limited = vanilla & chocolate. Never forget to relax when fishing our area!!

Later back to Shop, I noticed my Pinkie was well-chewed off!! Gotta tie some more!!

All of these Yellowstone Cutty are pure strain and truly native. Their rise-forms to my flies are enough for me. Catching & touching them is just bonus. I'll head back soon on my next "busman's holiday"!!

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