Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Around Town

My good friend Chris is visiting Livingston. So I got him on board and we hit the 'Stone around town of Livingston. It was a great morning. Night temperature seemed to cool down water but kept warm enough for us to wade in for the first thing in the morning.
At our first stop (or spot), we fished separately then as I got back to the boat. Chris set the hook for the rising trout!

As seen in the video, it was a very strong & beautiful rainbow!

It wasn't a non-stopping action per se, but still a pleasant morning float. It's true that water is much lower than last year's. However, occasional thunderstorms help water to stay cool. But also, there's major change in river braids around town so if you float this section for the first time, gather some information at local fly-shops!!

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