Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Muddy 'Stone & Blue Sky

Thunder storm from two days ago caused a HUGE SPIKE at Soda Butte Creek!! The muddy water entered Lamar River. All of those entered Yellowstone River. Yellowstone River is VERY MUDDY right now & temporarily unfishable. The sight is amazing. One can see the "body of muddy water" moving down stream so water color turns green to brown, then brown to green. (No pictures)

But folks, I have Yellowstone National Park as my backyard = too many options & backup plans. I had a guided trip scheduled in the afternoon. So in the morning, I was doing my own homework somewhere in Yellowstone National Park. Suddenly I heard something behind me!! This tall girl was sneaking up on me!!

I guided 3 gents. Water was just comfortable to wet our feet and trout were eagerly rising on our dry-flies. Along with blue sky, large clouds, and peaks in the background, it was a pleasant afternoon.

Thank 3 gents for joining me for a wonderful afternoon!

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