Sunday, July 1, 2012

Salmonfly is ON!

First thing I did right after I came back to Livingston house is well, fishing!! Today I was super fortunate that I  could ask to go fishing with Owner & Outfitter of Parks' Fly Shop, Richard Parks. YES!! Salmonfly is flying over Yellowstone River!! It's not secret any more, seeing numbers of boats, that section above Yankee Jim Canyon (below town of Gardiner) is offering great opportunities.

As for flies, there are number of Adult pattern for this big bug that claim the best. However, I just found the ONE. Its effectiveness is beyond my description here so I might as well borrow the video done by Richard and Walter.

I simply experienced OVER 60 YEARS of effectiveness!!

  • It floats well, keeping lower silhouette.
  • It works as WET Fly after dead-drifting the surface. With or without twitches.
  • Due to bucktail (and floatant), it floats back after diving.
We didn't stop for taking pictures but beautiful cutties are in my memory-pics anyway. I'm not the authority to predict how long this will last but I surely suggest everyone to tie/buy this wonderful fly and get out fishing!!

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