Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 Day Break & 3 More

After 4 floats, I had a day off from the river and got back for another streak. Sunday was the last day for anglers with Curtis Wright Outfitters' Yellowstone Trip. I was with two highly skilled and experienced gents.
Nice, probably the nicest of the stretch, Cutty was the day-opener!!

I hope they all enjoyed fishing the area and day with guides at Parks' Fly Shop.

In the afternoon toward the end, we landed a nice rainbow (no pictures with my camera.......). I did a stomach pump and found it very interesting!!!!! Guess what's eaten most. Flying Ant size 18!!

Yesterday was a walk/wade trip within Yellowstone Park. We looked for native Cutty!! Mission accomplished.
Today I had a morning float. We saw great hatch of BWO and pods of rising trout!! We spent there well over an hour. Very intense for a half-day float. Great thing was we didn't have to battle against winds (tail- or head-).

Some hazy & smokey condition recently. However, a long spell of dry & hot has just been over as I'm wearing wader to hold my boat! (not during wade trip yet). I'm ready and flexible for whatever September will bring us. See you along the river!


  1. My folks just moved to that area an I'm dying to come out and fish. 18# ants are on my list to tie. Great stuff

    1. Sounds good! It's not late to think about visiting within this year, in my opinion. Great fishing can be done till it gets really cold (matter of personal tolerance...). Maybe see you later.