Monday, August 6, 2012

Just Another Day @ VIP Pool

Thank all my friends who sent me Birthday Greetings. Especially at Facebook.
Apparently I went fishing again. I wasn't really into scouting for future guiding or pursuing something memorably BIG for B-day. It was just another day. I just want to relax and enjoy fishing on my Holidays, like I did at DePuy's ( I was very indecisive all along the way. Then, well, I decided to fish and walk my favorite meadow; Lower Meadow of Slough Creek. Everyone deserves to be important on his/her birthday so I fished VIP Pool!
A certain bunch of buffaloes have been migrating from Lamar Valley........

As for fishing, I first expected insect hatches!!! (BWO, PMD, & Gray Drakes) Then trout would respond next. It didn't go quite that way. I still fished. I had two that actually came to bite my flies to say to me "Happy Birthday!!", really. Rest, some rising trout that didn't get hooked up.....

This average cutbow was enough for me. I'd rather save "Birthday Magic" given by "Fish God" for serious occasions such as guiding clients!!

OK, now I'm mature and grown-up. Here are a couple of real fishing condition report.
- It cooled down a lot today. This is good for trout and rivers. But we wonder how long this cool weather goes. Is it just today?
- Too much fishing pressure along Lamar and Soda Butte. We all know that yet the scene is too much. Traffic delays caused by "Buff People" (not actual buff themselves) are oftentimes more than one can swallow. If you plan to fish Lamar or Soda Butte, expecting some solitude and wilderness, you might be disappointed. That does not mean fishing is bad or you can't catch fish. It's just "distance".
- On the other hand, there are more than several places that are kept FREE, as I'm often sneaking around.

Life goes on. And in fly-fishing, learning and observation will never end. So I keep go on in my own new year.

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