Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Most of the time, I can organize things and places fairy well. My tying bench is not bad, depending on your views........ Being a guide, I carry lots of stuff for both wade- & float-fishing. Then I have gears from clients. I've been doing OK all through July but got to the point that I'd better do some improvement. Idea was simple; "Use more space of the bed!!". Solution came up to me much faster than designing new fly patterns. With some help and idea of guys at lumber shop, now my bed is two-story.

This rod holding idea took me a while but then again it came up with all materials from my house; Old zinger reel & sponge inside of camp mattress. Sponge gently sandwiches rods, held & secured by bungee code of zinger (which is attached on the board with nails).

Note for clients: I use this quick rod holding device only in spring creeks in Livingston (DePuy's and Armstrong's as we don't drive around at Nelson's) and short & slow drive between waters in Yellowstone National Park. When I have to go a bit faster on regular roads, I use a different device. So don't worry!!

Anyway, July was so intense and great fishing that I hope August goes the same or even "HOTTER".


  1. Interesting. I would do the same thing on my truck but I don't have the shell for it. Thanks for posting this it really gave me an idea.

  2. Yeah, you can play around and will find what works & matches to your needs. And you don't have to spend too much either!