Thursday, September 6, 2012

Half-Day Floats & "After Work"

I'm still busy guiding in September here and there. Labor Day weekend was not as busy in fishing industry as in city traffic. I just had two half-day float trips.

Half-Day float is actually fun. We can stop and fish certain holes and runs intensely. Also, we guides know wind direction can be totally different in the afternoon from that of morning over Yellowstone River. So for half-day floats, we usually have to deal with either one!

So, after I completed my morning duty, I was free! Summer mode is still lingering around here but also we are hearing and feeling of touch of the fall. I had to go while I can! After I escorted my clients to Parks' Fly Shop in Gardiner, I entered Yellowstone National Park to my favorite section = Lower Meadow of Slough Creek. Trout here can take great advantages to inspect our flies!! They indeed seem to know our fly patterns and materials!! After a couple of refusals and "near-kisses", I finally hooked one. Small but feisty.

This is my brandnew ant pattern. I will post more about this later. I fooled one really big one but it slipped away like this!!

Another favorite ant pattern is this simple and classic Parachute Ant.

I finally got hooked into a sizable fish!! Look how wide he is!! Typical Lower Slough 'Bow!!

Self-timer Grip-&-Grin!!..................slipped away again!!

I had a hunch midge would work in the evening from my spring creek experience. This Quill Body Midge that I often use at Livingston's Spring Creeks is a must.

 Trout did recognize my midge dry-fly and came up to surface in the dark!

Then, with the cooperation of either one of trout, I conducted a stomach sample. I found something amusing and had to shoot video. Hope you enjoy!!

Here are two noteworthy individuals. Winged Ant size 14 or 16.

Then October Caddis size 10 or 12!! I will get back to the creek and fish with my new pattern for this!! Soon! even tomorrow?
So it's been very fruitful guiding days. Just don't ask me "why are you catching bigger fish than your clients?" nor tell me "you are supposed to get clients into bigger fish".........
That can be true but I don't have any clients who are eager to challenge technicality and complication of Lower Slough with frustration and even some tears. Besides, I did my jobs! So I can do my own stuff!

Out fishing and guiding season is still going on. Come and fish with us!!

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