Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whitefish-of-The-Year Contest: Entry of Reigning Champion A.K.A. Return of Whitefish King

Conclusion first (adding some curses), it was a brutally windy day. Nothing is more "unreliable" than weather forecast around here. "Getting windy" is norm around here and we have to live with that. But it was not supposed to be that strong "against" us!!

Anyway I was able to conduct another "check-run" today with towns friend Hans. First we encountered pods of rising trout/whitefish on SPENT MIDGES @ 11:30AM!! Then winds changed the direction 180 to North (no more cussing please). However right after that, in spite of gusts, BWO popped ALL-OVER and fish were RISING like crazy all the way after 2PM!!  We had a couple of nice Cutty (and bunch of Whitie on dry too) and stomach sample confirmed we were using right bugs.
................We survived winds.........we made to a stretch where we felt we would be at a takeout before dark. So I started fishing. MY effort (I use MY instead of OUR in case Hans disagrees) was rewarded!! I brought in a massive Whitefish!!

It's been a while this level of IMPRESSIVE lips!!

I was almost.............Did I do it?

OK. Check-runs two days in a row were great success!! We are getting "fall-clients" and are still busy running around!! Send me your "Whitefish-of-The-Year" Contest pictures!! Contest runs till December 31st, 2012. I'm thinking a give-away for Winner (winners in case for tie).

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