Thursday, October 25, 2012


NEWS: My little winter fly-shop is back for season!! This time, I registered myself and my operation (as Montana's Master Breeder) to both Federal & State. I'm a businessman!! I upgraded my catalogue. Once everyone starts to tune in, I will add new flies and keep adding all winter. There will be lots of my original patterns!! So bookmark and stay tuned at (or keep your eyes on right side of this blog for updates).

COLD: Weather forecast said it would be cold today and it was. I was prepared and dressed well, yet it was cold.........My rods' guides got frosted already. At least it was colder than last year this time. I have a feeling this winter could be a tough one......
For the first thing in the morning, I tried my regular spot. TWO BIG bites. One leaped (18-inch footballer) and snapped off my little streamer. Second one could have been larger as it didn't show itself and popped off my little streamer (could have been foul-hooked).

I patrolled likely spots. Finally I had a solid bite for the day. It was nothing big 'Bow but developing something??

It was just about right size to stomach-pump...........then
EGG!! Look closer, there are also SNAIL & BWO!! And little baitfish on its mouth!!
Jokes aside, this will tell us now Browns in the creek has started spawning one by one (I know it's not strong yet) and actual size of egg to imitate.
In the afternoon, in spite of cold NE winds, BWO started to hatch around 2PM, just as I anticipated. Wind itself wasn't really bad on my casting and presentation if it were to be a normal condition. However, it was simply cold. I almost all used up my concentration and energy just to stand up there.......I hooked several trout on my regular BWO patterns but didn't come to my hands and camera........
So at the end of the day, I couldn't help being "eggy"................

Hooked with 2X tippet, retrieved quickly, snapped two pics, and released promptly......... I guess nobody would accuse me except for him..................

Nothing wrong (morally or legally) with "Egg-ing" as long as one uses it as one of tactics, I think, and as long as don't mess with actual spawners in redds. I mix with streamers and always expect BWO & midge hatches in the afternoon.

OK, I walk into freezer again tomorrow. Potentially on weekend too..........
I feel like I'm back into summer days again. Fish very hard all day, come home, tie flies, write journal entries, and plan for tomorrow.........

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