Sunday, November 4, 2012

Match The "Pump"!!

Today was the very last day of Yellowstone National Park fishing season = first Sunday of November. For the past several years, my destination before closure was West Yellowstone to fish Madison (in & out) and Firehole Rivers. I broke my routine this year. I'd like to and I still like "West" and those rivers. However, I'm a bit sore from traffic (of other anglers and vehicles). I worked very hard this summer as a guide so I didn't want to get myself into that kind of situation. But I can visit any time anyway!! See you next year!!
Instead, everything is right here at DePuy's ( which is less than 5 Miles away from my house!! Everything = large fall-run browns & rainbows, BWO hatch, swinging soft-hackle & streamers, and even "egging"!! Why would I have to drive 2-hour one way, consuming full-tank of gas.........

Today, I started somewhat differently. I didn't really chase big territorial runners at likely spots. I finally let myself blast "shotgun-nymphing"!! (see my old post) I love this way of aggressive fishing at the stretch where nobody really fishes. I caught a little brown on "egg" just to get started and "pumped". I see.......size 18 gray sowbugs...........
I had one in my vest. Hot Bead Soft Hackle Sowbug.
 Even bigger!! Nobody fishes here or not everyone knows how to fish effectively........
 Good 'Bow....
 She had snails and must have just tasted BWO spinners as one was alive!! Indeed, BWO spinners were all over and caused a few rising trout. (not really worth for me to pursue.....)

Though I screwed up pics, good 'Bow on hand!!

I pumped..............OK folks, this is Cranefly Larva!! looks like somewhat being digested.........
This is my version Sparkle Crane Larva (look for it in my sales catalogue!!
The swarm of BWO spinners made me anxious to move to better dry-fly spots for afternoon plans (though I could keep doing shotgun-nymphing all day). Midges were also abundant in the air. But not much "on the water" = not many rising trout....... I aimed sparse rise-rings here and there and I got one!!...............Size 22 midge emerger was......
 taken by 5-inch browny!!
Next one was 5.5-incher with BWO imitation!!
In a way, it was technical enough to set the hook on these little fellas and bring them in......Funny.

I can't believe myself that I ended up posting 5 days in a row....... But fishing has been so good and memorable!! I'd better take off tomorrow and be a civilian for a day. I still hope some BWO actions should be had.......Cold front is in forecast so let's what's gonna happen.......


  1. Nice post man! i love fishing the crane fly larvae!

    1. Joshua,
      Good to hear somebody out there is also thinking about this creature.........I wish I could forget but images are too strong........