Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Fishing & Guide Summary - Part 3

After my last trip in late September, I took off from everything for next two weeks. Working hard as a guide is very physically and mentally demanding. I finally resumed my fishing on 9th at Gardner River within Yellowstone Park. Season shifted into fall. Some large browns were coming up to Gardner from Yellowstone River (of Montana sections) for spawning.
Gardner Fall-runner!
I obtained Winter-Pass at DePuy Spring Creek ( which started on 15th. I fished 12 days within this month!! Lots of large brown trout came into creek for spawning, followed by egg-sucking rainbow. These big individuals were taken by streamer, large soft-hackles, and eggs.
SUPER Amazing soft-hackle = Mr. O-O!!
Browns were colored just right........
So were Rainbows........

But also some big trout did rise for BWO and Midge hatches. It was way beyond description when multi-pounders rose and took my tiny dry-flies!!
"20-20"!! 20-inch run-up brown on size 20 BWO dry!!

November tends to be the most windy month of the year here in Paradise Valley. This year was no exception. My main fishing was only at DePuy's. Early in the month, when wind was calm, BWO were still hanging in sporadically. It became cold in the middle of the month but when wind was calm, midges were hatching. Trout rose at them.
One of last dry-fly Cutty!!
Aerobatic Rainbow on BWO dry!!
Big brown trout in spawning mode were anywhere along the creek. One could catch big trout any time with egg patterns. I didn't mind using egg patterns but I trailed experimental designs of mine along with eggs. If my experimental patterns worked, I would be delighted to publish them. If not, egg would catch trout so I would conduct stomach-pump and observed what trout were eating. Winter months are best for experimenting new flies, new methods, and new spots at DePuy's, all of which will translated into next year. Not only at DePuy's, but also experience and knowledge at DePuy's can be applied to any other waters as "spring creek is the classroom of fly-fishing".

Look at all of these bruiser!!

Toward end of month, Rainbows were up in more numbers.

Majority of brown trout wrapped up their mating and head back to Yellowstone River. Aquatic weed beds degenerated in the early part of this month and water level became low. Some rainbows (resident and held-over) were actually mating in upper part of creek. Nice size browns were still found at selected spots. I tried to pick up afternoons with less to no winds. A couple of my outings turned out to be frozen cold yet over all it was very enjoyable. I pursued and enjoyed true "winter midging" in several afternoons. This very last dry-fly fishing of the year is truly a bonus of Winter Pass at DePuy's.
One of very last & left-over fall-runners
Caught on same day as above. Very windy, I recall!!
Match-the-hatch dry-fly fishing with midges under inclement weather!! True Montana attraction!! 
And its stomach content........pile of midges.
Nice 'Bow who was already in a spawning mode & color
Good looking on my own "Mummy Snail"!!
2nd last trout of the year!! 
Very last of 2012 from DePuy's!!

So this is the summary of 2012. Too many memorable fish to post......
Thank all readers from around the globe. I hope 2013 will be another great season for everyone & everywhere!!

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