Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Day Trip to Great Falls

Fishing has been off and on this month. That's due to cold weather and some other projects in life. A couple of days ago I could manage to visit DePuy's ( for one afternoon yet that was mainly for "photo-session" for my up-coming series of columns. Mission was successfully accomplished. Then I could fish........One was enough!
Today, I visit Great Falls, MT for Master Breeder purpose. Please refer for that industry!
Then I swung by another spiritual place for me in Montana, C.M. Russell Museum. It's been 12 YEARS since I last visited (when I was a student in Montana State - Bozeman).
I don't think any lengthy explanations are needed. To me, Charlie = COWBOY ARTIST is truly Montana's Legend & Pride. His art tells us and gives us virtual images of REAL AMERICAN WEST. I can't help feeling how I'm blessed to live in Montana and how hard I'm working to hang in there, just like those 19th Century cowboys did....... My mind is filled and boosted!! I will do my best to be a Cowboy-Artist-Angler!!
 Photographs are prohibited inside so I snapped just outside........

On my way back, I made super short & quick detour to take a look Missouri River. This is not my area, to be honest........ Surely I want to fish someday soon but guiding-wise, I don't claim to know.......
 And this is the town of Craig...........really...............Well, I definitely love to live-work-fish-guide-breed cows in & around Livingston........

 This is the new addition to my shot-glass collection!! Cheers!!
It's still depending on weather conditions (I can handle coldness but when combined with winds, it's physically impossible to be outside...), it seems I start to get out fishing actively again. If not, I will shoot more tying videos as more great patterns are coming up with.
Stay warm, everyone and have a good weekend!

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