Monday, January 14, 2013

Anybody wants to float? - Winter Update & New Flies for Trials

Howdy folks. The last (4th) part of my article about BWO hatch at DePuy's has just been updated at Fly Anglers OnLine ( And I'm THE COVER BOY!!
Anyway.....that's the climax of complicated hatch and how I solved it. Take a look at this very educational and sophisticated drawing by me!!!!
I hope you find this interesting...........
It's been a while that I haven't gone fishing over a week = no blog update over a week. It's COLD......even for me. There's just no sense of being a hardcore angler. Although DePuy's Spring Creek ( is open and NEVER frozen, my rod-line-reel and everything wet will be frozen in a second. I might visit tomorrow........It's been just 3 months since Winter Pass started = 1st half. So far I visited 38 DAYS!! That means I'm visiting about every 2.4 day!!

Today, just for a change, I drove along Yellowstone River. It's been a while that I did so. I wanted to see how low she could get during winter but I was amazed by ice!! I stopped by the top of Mallard Rest. Looking upstream at boat launch, do you want to float? Or do you want skate or bobsled?
Looking downstream, Main channel is totally frozen? I'm not sure if water is moving under ice or not. Anyway, whatever moving seems pushed and is flowing in the little channel which usual dries up in summer.....
At my tying bench, new fly designs and ideas are coming every now and then. This is March Brown nymph.
I modified my own Winged Victory-BWO into March Brown version.

This is a trial for this coming spring. But it really depends on weather and other Mother Nature. Warm enough for insect hatches but not too warm as run-off starts.........Let's see what's gonna happen this spring.

I confess I'm not much of a "hopper guy" though I know hopper patterns can be first eye-catchers in shops and catalogs. Walter at Parks' Fly Shop( ties wonderful & original patterns. Among Bloggers, Hopper Juan ( shows highly skilled patterns too. At least I know pink has been causing some craziness and popularity recently among both anglers and trout!! This one is for test....... Leg material is hinted by Hopper Juan's old post. It doesn't look really special but tying procedure is a bit different from others (my level = easy & quick!!). I'd like to call it LADY T. (T. = terrestrials = hopper, ant, beetle). Let's see how she flies and catches trout this summer!!
I've been posting a new video per week at YouTube. Check the side bar or click here.
Stay warm everyone!!

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