Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year! New Flies! 2013 Begins!

Happy New Year!! Wish 2013 will be another great "FISHY" year for everyone!!

Year started as just another day......... But, I cooked ONE & ONLY deer tenderloin for celebration!! It was so tasty!! I literally inhaled like I was eating SASHIMI. I am boosted with truly wild & natural nutrition & other goodness. I'm sure I can fish, guide, and breed very hard this year!!

My fishing friend John from Omaha sent me his creations. I can't thank him enough. These beautiful potteries are ONE & ONLY in the world just for me. John, I owe you a full-day float trip on Yellowstone River this summer!!

I was doing some inside works such as this...........just drying cement of my brandnew streamers.

Then on 5th, I visited DePuy's spring Creek ( as the first fishing day of the year. Such a nice winter day!! Believe or not, sporadic BWOs are hatching on calm days along with midges.

Snow flakes........

Then the very first trout of 2013!!
It was on my brandnew nymph pattern, which specifically developed for spring creeks!!
Hello.....happy new year!?

Today 6th, I visited the creek again with other projects and objectives in mind. My brandnew streamer was catching trout right off the bat!! Although I already knew it would work, it was surprisingly quick!!

I checked what they'd been partying on............I thought my stomach pump got stuck........OMG it was this cranefly larva!! (now you see what's my new nymph above is.............)

Then next...........

New Year Surprise!!

 I like this water-effect............It must have been the very late mating buck brown.

So just two fishing days in, I caught potentially the biggest of the year!? Well, I bet there will be more & bigger ones waiting for me and my clients...........

Happy new year to all! See you along the river!

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