Sunday, January 27, 2013

Very Early Season Surprise!!

MEDIA UPDATE: From tomorrow, a series of columns I wrote for Fly Anglers OnLine ( will start. It's a deep insight of spring creek fishing: creek analysis, trout there, methods, flies, and so on...... Whole site is usually updated every two weeks. So everyone, keep your eyes on and follow new chapter of my series besides this blog!!

It's an extreme bi-polar weekend. Yesterday, we had over 50F sunny day. Apparently I went fishing to DePuy's Spring Creek ( To be honest, fishing was slow for some reasons. Today, it turned out to be snow!! Temperature was down to around 30F and it wasn't windy at all. So it wasn't so cold in Montana standard. I went back to creek. I was expecting midge hatches but I didn't see any even at most likely spots.

So I started experimenting another brandnew "underwater" pattern. Suddenly I saw a few to several active rainbows....... Uh......happy!! NOTE: it's not something coming down from my nose!! but it's the snow flake just passing down in front of my nose!!

Next one was much bigger handsome buck 'Bow!!!

Some cute gangs.......
I thought it was good enough. I got some pictures for this post and probably I would take a pic or two of my new fly once I got home...........

It was almost 5:00pm and finally getting somewhat cold. But something told me I should check one more spot. It was "gut instinct" but I knew why I felt so. There was only a few more anglers other than me today (on the contrary to yesterday) and I bet they went home already without fishing hard. Then this some spawning actions........... I had to check one more spot..... I was expecting I might catch one or two like the first one.... I set the hook for my indicator...........WHAT??

It was indeed football shape in "SUPER BOWL" size!!

Several Pounder, A.K.A Yellowstone Steelhead!!
Pardon me for one more self-timered pic..........
 Well, only a couple of posts before, I caught a nice "year-opener" brown but this Buck 'Bow is THE BIGGEST Rainbow I ever caught in Montana rivers (one I caught last year in a local private pond would tie). I'm afraid I'm using up my "fish charm & luck" for this year this early!! But I feel this event was deducted from my "learning & observation". So I will keep fishing!!