Thursday, February 21, 2013

3-Day Report: Spring Runs & Hottest Fly

My bug collection is going on. It's actually quite fun. I have just collected this super rare "ALBINO" Golden Stone Nymph. Click "Trout Food Sources" page!! If you find me kick-seining, feel free to join!!
OK, I visited DePuy's Spring Creek ( three days in a row. As reported in my last post, I visited Armstrong's ( on Monday so I seemed to have fished 4 days in a row at this time of the year..............Not sure what's driving me working so hard. Love of fishing? - all the time. Anticipating busy summer? - I hope so! Anyway, I can officially report that rainbow trout are making "spawning-run" into DePuy's. Run will continue and get stronger as spring approaches. Now is the time to look for a large trout, which could potentially be a "trophy" of the year!! (I already got one in January so I can spend more time for collecting bugs!!) But please be aware of trout that are digging redds and actively mating. Follow the manner of creek, sportsmanship, and pursuit of technicality.

On Tuesday, while I was collecting bugs, I was thinking where to get started from. The first catch was super plump 14-incher!!! Are you pregnant like mammals?
Next one was a nice Rainbow that must have been freshly running into creek!!
Then I was surprised by the presence of large brown at the same spot!!

Hottest fly..............
This brown confirmed my guess that rainbows are making steady moves into creek and browns are following behind to munch on eggs!!
Yesterday, Wednesday, after bug sampling, I looked for like spots (plus less fished spots). Again, nice rainbow on Hot Fly!
Very strong!!

This rainbow seemed to have cataract in trout world........Sorry. Anyway it took Hot Fly with confidence.

And the last of the day!! All on Hot Fly!
So today, did I make another catching spree?....................Weather was actually very nice but somehow fishing was slow. I caught a few small ones and that seemed all for today. "I need blog pic(s)!!" With that strong determination in mind, I worked very hard!! Gotcha!! Maybe not the biggest but cutest for sure on Hot Fly again!
Last one, on egg apparently, finally put some fight on my line........ See how late I stayed....
I'm not disappointed on anything like that. As I experience from browns' movement in the fall, there are waves in trout migration. I just hit a lower tide today, that's all. Or some trout must be on Facebook or checking my blog with their Smart-Phone........!!

So what's the Hot Fly then? It's B.P.C. (Bead, Pheasant, & Copper) in sizes 16 & 18. Check in my sales catalog. I've been confident of this fly for last couple of weeks as BWO (baetis) nymphs are getting active as spring approaches.
"Isn't it just a bead-head PT?" If that's what you think, you are underestimating!! This tie is strongly influenced by the greater effectiveness of Bead, Hare, & Copper from Parks' Fly Shop, which some anglers regard as simple bead-head hares ear........ Try both BHC and BPC and you will understand!!

I shouldn't abuse my body so hard at this time of the year. Temperature gap between outside and inside put me into a little "coma" right after I got my home (before typing these). I'd better take off and do some other things in life over weekend....

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