Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainbows Keep Running Followed by Deer (?)

I had a bit relaxing weekend as I had "no fishing" but other civilian duties! Actually I should have gone fishing as it turned out a bit colder today than the last weekend. I could do another three-day report probably on Wednesday but I decided to go through what I've experienced quickly!

It's been a while wind was discouraging for us to go outside, especially fishing! I visited DePuy's Spring Creek anyway ( As I was walking along the bank, this was the closest encounter & longest eye-to-eye experience with deer. I just posted a short YouTube video. According to that, it lasted about minute......... Usually deer run away the moment they spot vehicles and human beings..... Actually this was at what savvied local anglers call "Wind-Break" so that might be why she was around.......

So how's "spring run"? It's going on, just as I had reported already. I had a couple of bites at other spots then I caught this beautiful cut-bow!!

I was delighted with this stomach-sample!!! LOOK!! This is indeed "TROUT BUFFET"!!, don't you think? (or Trout Bug Basket??) How many bugs can you spot and call their Latin names?

 So based on flies that imitate above samples, I kept on fishing. Nice hefty 'Bow!!

 Followed by brown!!

The end. Isn't this the picture we often see in articles of Coastal Steelhead or Alaskan Rainbow??
 plus or minus Egg........

I might go back tomorrow. It would depend on wind/cold condition.... I will decide in the morning.

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