Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Surprise Again? Another Biggest for A Species....

What surprise now? Getting enough? I am too but please go through pics till will love today's surprise I experienced.......!!

Yesterday and today, I visited DePuy's Spring Creek ( on nice winter days. Actually too nice, which reminds me of last winter......., which makes us think about snow accumulation and how river-flows will be this coming season.........
Fishing was a bit slow. I was experimenting or confirming some of my own designs anyway..... Even this little was very picky about fly selection!
 Then, good bite & fight!!

Look!! Sparkle Crane Larva (promoted in my sales site) was chosen over egg!!

Checking what's been eaten.......

 Next, I caught a very colorful, a typical spring-creek colored, brown in nice size!!

 Got something on its cheek......

Today, fishing condition was similar but I caught fish where I expected. Happy!!
 This rainbow was nothing big but very colorful!!

It fell on B.P.C. size 18!! (also check up in my sales site!!) Well, Spring BWO (baetis) is about to make some moves from now on........

This one seems "Cut-Bow". It had very faint orange slashes but black marking patterns was unique, didn't look like typical rainbow's (compare to one above).

 Then I moved to one of my favorite spot at House Pond for the final spot of the day. I was fishing deep......suddenly a large tug!!??? WHAT? What's this!?

You SUCKER!!!!!!

Or me sucker...........
 Anyway it was massive......

I remained the same spot. I actually observed a school of suckers. They must have bullied trout out!!
Just about the sunset, I had another big tug!! It was huge & heavy!! 20-inch trout to end the day!!!
It was THE 5-POUND SUCKER!!!! (held by 140-lb sucker)

 I didn't really tape but for the reference, my palm is 3.5-inch to 4-inch.

All suckers were happily released back to the pond to produce future generations = soon-to-be trout food.....
Thank you for reading this far!! I say good-bye via my friend's mouth!!


  1. 140 pound sucker... :) hilarious.

    1. This year I will hold Whitefish-Sucker of THE Year contest again. Are you in?