Friday, March 8, 2013

3-Day Report: Spring at Creek & Hottest Fly!!

I don't want to say "spring has come" in Montana general public as we can experience severe snow storm any time! But DePuy Spring Creek ( has just been into its spring mode. As more & more rainbows are coming into the creek, two apparent spawning beds: One next to Angler's Hut (or Buzz's Fly Shop) and the other next to Eva's Hut: are CLOSED for fishing to protect spawning rainbows and their eggs. This is really a noble action. I don't want to start a discussion forum about targeting trout in redds. I'd just like to say "follow your sportsmanship and pursuit of technicality". I bet readers at this blog would agree. BUT!! Let me tell you I have seen several people intentionally fished these closed areas!! That's poaching!! I don't mind picking on them. If you happen to fish DePuy's and come across those poachers (they are not  anglers as they are not following rules), you have a right to yell at them!!
Sign by Eva's Hut
As a keen observer at the creek, I had to notice some anglers were feeling they had lost their fishing spots and options. Well, not for this Lefty Angler!! Most of anglers fish ONLY these two areas in the fall while browns are present (no closures in the fall) and before Creek Owners put signs. I've been somewhat different from others. I have spent days and hours at entire length of the creek to locate more spots where trout would congregate (to spawn or rest), especially while bunch of browns are present in the creek. To me, it's only two spots of 3-mile long creek are out of option, which are most of the time taken by others anyway!!
Besides, I have my own flies that have been especially developed for spring creeks (and even beyond)!! My little hero hot fly has been, again & again, B.P.C. sizes 16 & 18.

I can't fail to catch trout wherever I cast this little dude into. Let's look what I (or it) have done.
On Wednesday, I hooked a really huge fish!! HEAVY!! Then.........just another likely story......lost him. However, I got another bite right after that!! It was a nice rainbow who fought hard. Just about netting, he slipped away......... Then I realized my B.P.C. was like this..........probably done by the first submarine..............!!
I stocked several B.P.C.s at Wednesday night. On Thursday, I had a good start with this plump 'Bow!!
Are you pregnant like mammals???

I kept fishing where other anglers weren't around. I just can't emphasize that trout are swimming all along the creek.
I moved on. As I picked up my line, I felt it might be a "bottom-snag"..........It was actually a "belly snag"!! Huge rainbow suddenly leaped out of the water!!..........gone.............
I pressed that spot. I saw a flash underwater and set the hook!!
It was a nice rainbow (maybe a touch of Cutbow) again on B.P.C.!!
I might as well took a liberty of stomach-pump. I told you!! BWO nymphs had been eaten!!
Right after these two, I had a much bigger tug, which snapped my line in 3 seconds!!! This spot and trout there were on fire!! I re-rigged my line to fish a spot right next to it in order to rest the spot a while.

Then I tried streamers to see if they were HOT enough to chase Meat..... I tied on my own ZAC Fry in black ( .

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Indeed, a furious submarine attacked it!!

I moved on to next favorite spot of mine. (Now you can see background is different.) I went back to my nymph rig. B.P.C did it again!!

Actions kept going..... I set the hook and it was BIG!! HUGE!! Again on B.P.C.!! I did net him this time!! I was so attracted to his curled up lower jaw. As you can see, his lower jaw was curving to the left. So I wanted to flip him gently to take up-close pics, then eventually for my own "trophy shot"!!

Lost him.........gone. He was big. I wish I could show you how big and handsome he was.....

I ended with a nice little brown.

Offshot......... Refugee for multi species..........

Then today, I just kept on. I started with nice rainbow!! Big & powerful!! See his hump!!
Within ONLY 10 minutes, I caught 4 nice trout!! (I didn't hit the redds by the way!) This is the forth one!!

At next stretch, I caught a rainbow suitable for "pump". Hmmmmmmm, she had been eating something crunchy!!
I was surprised by sudden presence of cutty!! He munched on an egg. He just looked like a lost child........Rainbows haven't swum up to where he was yet.........

B.P.C. again!!

He wasn't not as big as the lost one of yesterday, yet still a nice buck!!
Another one!! In the middle of upper jaw!! Perfect hook-set!!

I will keep fishing!! Hopefully I can report spring hatches and rising trout soon!!


  1. Good job Satoshi…. looks like you were a busy guy. Yes, we should leave the spawners alone. Cheers.

    1. Thanks, Lester.
      At DePuy's, there are more spots other than two apparent beds as it's 3-mile long! Also trout enjoy something "out of ordinary" (in this case other than eggs most of anglers use), just like human eating habit.... Have a good weekend!