Friday, March 22, 2013

BEST "DRY"-Fly Fishing onThe WET & COLD Day

My fingers have just been thawed enough to type this post.........
This afternoon I have had one of the BEST spring hatches and dry-fly fishing at DePuy's ( However weather was far from spring nor "DRY". And then THAT'S WHY hatches were so wonderful.......... Let's review.

It was cold today from morning though winds remained calm all day. By the time I got to the creek in the afternoon, it looked snow would come any moment. To get started, I started nymphing just like a regular routine. I caught a few and I felt kinda slow. But also I felt something: Something that came from all of those hours and days of experience at the creek. When strong hatches are expected, bites on streamers and nymphs tend to be slow..........Today was no exception. I looked for spots with rises patiently. After 2:30pm, I finally located constant rises. They are on midges. Again and again, my go-to Goose Biot Midge did wonderful jobs!!

First catch!! Over all, trout I caught today were larger than past reports and fought harder on my light 4-wt rod!! Trust me, I am NOT using pictures from December or January!! This is today, the day after First Day of Spring!!
Checking contents.........Mix of everything. Pupa and sowbug were actually alive!!

 Next one was a really nice brown!!

But!! He had two BWO nymphs inside!! This picture also shows those nymphs had split wing-case and protruding wings!! = ascending to hatch!!

This was a nice Cut-bow!!

 That's it!! This one's stomach shows mix of both BWO and midges in various stages of hatch!!

Of course my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple worked very well!!

After use.............

This ended up the last one at about 4:30pm.

Its content surprised me!! Midge, BWO, and a large mayfly!!?? PMD, I suppose!?
Closer look.

Apparently this is BWO (baetis) Dun.

So it was typical of Montana spring and spring hatches. Inclement weathers can cause some of the BEST hatches of BWO and midges. I enjoyed it very much and considered it lucky!! But also I'm very comfortable to be at my house with a wood-stove going on.......
Have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. Great breakdown! I love seeing what they eat. I had a similar spring dry hatch in January but no snow to go with it. The heavy snow only adds to the experience.

    1. Thanks Joel,
      Yeah, quite a experience yesterday (both hatches and weather). I'm glad to see trout are looking up for insects after months of eggs and scuds!!