Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MMM (Magical Midge Morning) & Count Down

ONLY 4 MORE DAYS left for Winter Rate at Livingston's Spring Creeks!! Better fish right now. I  hope following post will convince you!!
In my case, I'm working on how many days I can accumulate with Winter Pass at DePuy's (
Yesterday, 78th Day, weather wasn't much different from the day before yesterday. Morning was just as cold with brutal Norther. No midge hatches........ In the afternoon, I did the same strategy at the same spot. Sawyer Pheasant Tail - Master Angler Version was again the key-player!!

Worth effort, don't you think!!??

Pilot fly, my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple worked too!!

Yes, taken on top!! in spite of winds!!

His content...........Orange Scud does exist!?
Today, 79th Day, weather was back to normal. Though it remained cold, at least no severe winds were blowing. Morning Midge hatch was back just as I arrived!!
My roster flies worked as usual. A sample from one of first few catches (pump size). Here's how to analyze. Those grayish matters are pretty much done digesting; those losing colors are in the middle of digestion; so what's NEW!? Midge Pupa, right folks!!
 There were lots of "mosquito" types.........but..........

My own PUPAERGER was the meal ticket!!! Kept losing potentially big ones!!

 Finally got a solid Browny!!

Hatch was strong this morning. I kept fishing but cold........... When hatch is going on and trout are feeding, I don't care when I feed myself a lunch. But today, after this OK 'Bow, I had to take a break and warm up!!

Her lunch...........

After a quick lunch, midge hatch was still going on!! Regained my concentration, my Pupaerger struck again!!!
Another solid and typical spring-creek-looking Browny!!

 One of samples from another "pump-size" trout. These were alive! Hope this will stimulate some tyers' imagination!!

Afternoon = BWO time!! This was really a solid one!!

His sample: just usual suspects but also, what's that big thing!?

 YES, caddis has started hatching!! Not many but a few trout were keying on them. I couldn't pick it up to observe its belly color but it looked like Mother's Day Caddis. For now, just Grannom would be safe to say......

See you along the creek! But also River looks great! And probably most importantly weather is toying on us!!


  1. Hi Satoshi, thanks for posting the bug photos. I wonder if the fish see as much detail as fly tiers do? Saw a couple of those little dark caddis on Easter too. Best regards. Les.

    1. Boy, hatch & rise didn't stop till 5pm yesterday! (that doesn't mean I kept catching fish all day). As for fly tying, I quote my guide mentor's words "ultimate judgement is up to trout". Probably they don't care as long as flies have light shapes and colors but sometimes little details somehow make huge differences.... But also as a commercial tyer, I gotta catch human eyes too!