Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Custom Flies & New Direction

Following is the news I couldn't catch up to post this spring (is this still spring here in Paradise Valley?). In early March, I brought my custom flies to Parks' Fly Shop (www.parksflyshop.com).
No explanations needed, custom flies & superior guide service have been PFS services since 1953!! That is, celebrating 60th Year!! I'm very proud and fortunate that I can be involved in as a guide and a fly-tyer.

Following patterns have appeared in this blog (and sales site) numerous times along with proof pictures of me catching trout!! Also tying procedures & material used are shown and discussed in my YouTube channel.

Bead, Pheasant, & Copper: This is one of my latest staple nymph in my box(es). Tied large (#12) to small (#18), it catches any size-range of trout! Also works both at rivers and spring creeks!!

Sparkle Crane Larva: Cranefly larva is definitely one of overlooked trout food sources among trout anglers. This pattern is suggestive yet realistic. Not to mention unique in market!!

There are bunch of them.........

And the last but not the least, my beloved (& one of my most innovative) Double Soft Hackled Caddis: I tied a special coloration that mimic multi caddis species for PFS.

Try these anywhere caddis are abundant in various fishing methods.

These are already in "Custom Fly Bins" at the shop. So when you pass Gardiner and Parks' Fly Shop, make sure to drop by and grab couple each along with other goodies!! Whether you fish Yellowstone Park waters, Yellowstone River, or other nearby waters, (often times even beyond!!), PFS flies WILL work for you!!
Then here's a little announcement. I have just stepped into a new chapter and a new challenge of fly-tying. I'm getting into this kind more & deeper from now on...........
After a couple of trials-&-errors, I finally finished this one.
At this point, it's not "Picture perfect" yet. It's rather "Picture Tolerable" Level.  How many screw-ups can you pick on!?

That said, I'm in the middle of Master Breeder projects and guiding season is just around the corner!! That means I will be tying more trout flies anyway!? or have I stocked enough during winter and spring?
There is no limit in fly-tying world. I will be enjoying the new ride even if it could be a bit bumpy every now and then!!

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