Monday, July 1, 2013

DePuy's Spinner Fall - How Late Do You Want to Stay & Fish?

I had two nice days with clients at DePuy's Spring Creek ( Mid-morning PMD hatch was great, just as it has been!!
When creek is booked full, popular spots experience some angler traffic. Yet I can still find spots for my people!! One particular spot was boiling due to rising trout!!

Evening spinner time on Day 1. Again I spotted an untouched water by other anglers. I was working very hard with an elder client at a group of rising trout. With his son and my guide mentor Tom Travis (Montana's Master Angler) on the bank, we got into trout!! Followings are sequence shots by Tom.

It was a nice Cutthroat!!
After this, we all got hit by severe thunder storm!! No way we could keep on fishing......
PMD hatch on Day 2 was just as good as Day 1. We fished a different section from Day 1 during the hatch. Temperature hit over 90F in the afternoon. However just about comfortable level of scoal hit the area to cool things down. We had some high expectations on evening spinner falls!! By then almost all anglers were gone home. I've been scouting spots and trout activities. I KNOW the best spot for actions and potentially some big individuals. When the Sun was behind the West bank, water started to boil with rising and sipping trout!! They were feeding on tremendous amount of PMD spinners floating on the surface. We spotted one large mouth sticking out of the surface and decided to focus on only that individual. It seemed BIG! We adjusted angles and drifts many a time. I know we were doing our best offering but the particular trout were sipping very very selectively so I changed flies more than several times. Learning from and trained by the creek, trout, and Master Angler, I finally deducted a right answer: FLYMPH - Master Angler Version size 18 light olive, FISHED as a DRY-FLY on the surface.

It was quite a battle for both angler and netter!! We were rewarded by a nice brown trout, measured BIG!! Some of the best experience I ever had on the creek!!
 Really nice Boy!!
 After that, it got darker. I changed my hat and sunglasses. And to make netting a bit easier, I grabbed my (ridiculously big) boat net! We had several nice Cutthroat too!!
And another fine trout, this time a strong Rainbow!!

Evening rise went on............ We lost track of time.........

Everyone has other commitment in life so staying and fishing late may not be for everyone. Also every different angler has his/her way of choice(s) and favorite situation(s) to fish for. However, remember this PMD spinner actions can be experienced only during a certain time of the year.

"Guiding is not a 9-5 job like at the bank. Remember the length of the day is always up to clients. Some clients want to fish late. Work hard for them. But never raise a voice unless it's in a laughter."  - Don Williams' words, learned via Tom Travis.
If clients are willing to stay late and fish hard, I will be there for you!!
Come and experience great summer fishing at Livingston's spring creeks!!

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