Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spinner Evenings Continue

It can't be redundant. DePuy's ( is fishing really well!! PMD hatch is very good, if not phenomenal. Lots of Yellowstone Cutthroat are in system. As in my last report, I completed my guide trips at DePuy's but I went back for "busman's holiday".........Nothing wrong with that!!

I just got home. Yes I caught only one and missed several. But the only one is............
Just as spinners falling and trout starting to rise, this massive brown was sipping in a shallow riffle, where most of anglers simply step in without noticing, not to mention, casting!! It was again on FLYMPH in my last post.

I'm getting the same positive information about Armstrong's on O'Hair Ranch (
Seeing is believing. Come and enjoy some of the best seasons for Livingston's spring creek!!

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