Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Road Trip

My parents were visiting me. From Seattle to Livingston and all around Montana, I drove over 4,000 miles in 9 days!! No fishing but lots of scenery and great foods.

Museum of the Rockies (http://www.museumoftherockies.org/) is always fascinating with their collections of dinosaurs and the famous planetarium.

Little Bighorn Battle Field (http://www.nps.gov/libi/index.htm) is always a special place for me.

But also DO NOT forget to visit Custer Battle Files Museum in Garryowen (http://www.custermuseum.org/index.htm), which is merely several miles away on the frontage road. They actually have more numbers of rare and special exhibits (no pictures allowed) and a superb souvenir store.  

A hidden scenic pass in Montana, Kings Hill (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kings_Hill_Pass)

Then perhaps the most impressive & educational museum I've ever been is Lewis & Clark National Historical Trail Interpretive Center in Great Falls. I can't emphasize how amazing it is. All I can say is to visit when you pass the area!!

The "Portage".

Center stands along the Mighty Missouri.

We dropped by Melaque Mexican Restaurant in Helena. See my Google review here.

Of course I took my parents to my playground Yellowstone National Park too.

This bull elk seemed enjoying being seen by winter tourists.
I had heard tips of moose sighting from trusted sources. For the first time ever, I succeeded to take pictures of them!
I honestly couldn't tell bull or cow, pair or company, etc from this distance. But I am very happy with these pictures as moose are very reclusive animals in the Park!!
Wintering coyote......

I've lived in Montana off and on over a decade now but this is the first time I ever tried Joe's Pasty in Butte. This is truly Montana's own heart-warming and -filling dish!!
 With gravy!! Must-eat when you pass the area!!

Anaconda Smelter Stack from just at the entrance of Anaconda town on Highway 1.

Philipsburg is a nice little and historical community. Doe Brothers Restaurant is the must-visit for every ice-cream lover!!

We stopped by the "taproom" of Big Sky Brewery in Missoula for some tasting!

I did internet searches for a special dinner for us. Top Gun Seafood Restaurant in Bellevue, WA is simply great!! Real and authentic Chinese dishes!! Check their website and drop by if you are in the area!!
Need I say more?

Back to the normal winter life in Livingston........ fishing and fly-tying........

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