Sunday, March 23, 2014

CELEBRATION!! 500TH POST!! - Spring Actions Continue!!

NEWS: This post marks THE GRAND 500TH POST!! It's a milestone for me. It just started as my journal. Main purpose was to show my fishing stories and pictures to my friends much more easily than individual emails. Eventually readers and accesses increased. Now it even serves as the important part of my business!! Then, all of accesses and comments from readers have been the driving force for me to keep this site running. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and would like to ask you keep visiting.
Another "THANKS" I'd like to mention is many appaloosa for my big catch in the last post. Things are normal now. I mean "normally good"!!

More rainbows are coming into DePuy's ( from Yellowstone River. Rainbows depend on feeder streams for spawning so if you spot trout that are actually mating, it's advised to leave them be as they are so vulnerable. I'm not preaching or anything, rather, don't worry there are plenty of hungry trout (before and after spawning)!!

This picture doesn't show well but another nice rainbow was caught on my own B.P.C.!!
 It was like a "submarine"!!, which suggests I was at a deep spot..........
 Next day, it was slightly chilly but not dangerously windy. At one particular spot of the creek, I saw many rainbows were their rituals to produce their offspring under the afternoon light. I skipped there. I was looking for midge/baetis hatches and rising trout. Somewhat downstream from the aforementioned spawning area, I spotted a couple of rises!! It was just like a couple of golden pyramids were surfacing every now and then!! I wasn't exactly sure what was hatching; midge or BWO? Or Both? I was with my 4-wt-8-footer (I haven't unsheathed my serious dry-rig = 5wt yet). I tied a midge adult pattern to get started.
Goose Biot Midge #20
Just about when I was thinking to change to a BWO dun pattern (after several casts), a golden shadow turned and rose on my midge!! It was quite a fight for the light rig!! I worked quickly but very carefully!! I was rewarded!!
He was actually feeding on baetis only....... But it's not surprising that he took my midge dry as well. Midges were also present at the water. Then my presentation caused his rise!

Now I switched into a baetis pattern.
CDC Sparkle Dun #20 - 22
I moved to another likely spot with some expectations of "rise". Got it!! Sizes don't matter to me. I'm showing my BIG "V"!!

Hmmmm, midge & baetis, just I interpreted.

Another smiley!!
 On my pump......
Here's my observation that I'd like to share.
When browns come into the creek in the fall for their spawning, they feed on their own eggs. Rainbows follow right behind browns and devour on egg dishes as well. Now it's rainbows' turn to spawn as I've been reporting recently. On this day, I was fishing for hatches below and above rainbows's prime spawning area. I just couldn't help wondering and eventually smirking. These brown trout could have swum just below or among redds and fed on eggs!! Rather, they chose to rise and feed on insects!? It sounds to me very inefficient, considering nutritional values and mass of availability!! Were they just "feeling so" or they were pickiest gourmet critiques?  Brown trout do have some "personality", don't they? 

After hatches were over, I went back to my heavy rig. Surprisingly, I came across to a nice brown!! Again & again on my own B.P.C.!!!
Same "personality" matter applies here........What was he doing there? It wasn't an ideal spawning spot for rainbows = no eggs around. Did you swim up from the river for......what?

Thank you again for all of your "clicks"!!
I go back fishing in the new week. After the long & severe winter, spring fishing is super good right off the bat!!


  1. Congrats on 500! That's awesome.... nice fish too.... Hey man where did you get that hat with the ear flaps? Who makes it, what company? I gotta get one.... thx, Doug.

    1. Thanks for the note, Doug. Spring fishing is always great and I hope to continue so till runoff occurs.
      My hat is exactly this one:
      My summer hat (wide brim cowboy type) is also made of oil-skin from Outback Trading. Both are in use for over several years and have had NO LEAKS under severe/sudden storms (thunder and snow) in Montana at all!!